Careers Insight from TEC March 2019



A young woman beekeeper is holding


The top 3 jobs that will actually keep New Zealand beautiful

Generation Z is entering the workforce and they’re ready to make an impact! Generation Z is looking for work that aligns with their social compass, and they’re concerned about the environment.

Check out these roles that can help your Generation Z learner get the job satisfaction and fulfillment they’re looking for – and keep New Zealand beautiful.

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An automotive electrician stands in front of a car on a jack, working beside a robot


Get ready to work in a digitally transformed world

There are big changes happening in the world of work. The digital revolution is transforming our world faster than we’ve ever seen before.

But there’s no need for learners to panic – jobs demanding technical and creative skills are going to be in high demand.

Read the first in our Future of Work series to help learners get ahead

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Job of the month - title card


Biomedical Technician

Biomedical technicians are a critical part of the healthcare system, and there’s a shortage of workers. If you have a practical and logical learner, this problem-solving role might be perfect for them.

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Extracurricular activities get learners ready for work

Extracurricular activities aren’t just hobbies – they develop skills that make learners sought-after employees.

Here’s why taking up activities outside of school can benefit learners now and in the future.

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